SMA Constitution

The Society for Marketing Advances has a Constitution and By-Laws that have been approved by members. The current Constitution is available here (SMA Current Constitution).

Over the past year, the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee have been working on revising the Constitution. These Constitutional changes are designed to update:

  1. The responsibilities of the Executive Committee Officers based on what these positions have been actually doing in recent years.
  2. The election of the President-Elect in order to allow for more continuity in SMA leadership and to better match up with what other academies do.
  3. The Board of Governors membership to incorporate recipients of the newly created SMA Rusty Brooks Distinguished Service Award.
  4. The terms of membership for the Board of Governors members in order to enhance continuity by staggering membership terms.

The full, proposed Constitution is available here (SMA Proposed Constitution). In order to make it easier to compare the two versions, the following file can be used (SMA Proposed Constitution Changes).

In a few days, a ballot will be emailed out to all current SMA members regarding these Constitutional changes. Please keep an eye out for the ballot email. Depending on your school's junk settings, it is possible that this ballot may go to junk mail.

It is important that each member vote. We thank you in advance for your participation in this important ballot.

Please direct any questions to Diane Edmondson, Board of Governors Chair, at

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