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2020 PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS (timings will be listed soon)

Social Media Data Analysis Workshop

A new pre-conference half-day workshop on teaching social media is offered. In this workshop, Eric Harvey (Ball State University) will provide professors (both novice and established to social media). The workshop will provide a new book on social media and offers both theoretical and practical exercises on social media marketing elements. 

CB-SEM Workshop

Multivariate Data Analysis is among the most cited research references in the social sciences. The addition of multiple chapters on structural equation modeling in the 6th edition accelerated the pace of citations. Like in the text, the workshop provides a user-friendly approach in providing an SEM refresher with a strong emphasis on confirmatory factor analysis and psychometrics. Scale development and scale validation remains a backbone for behavioral research in the social sciences. Attendees will get hands-on experience in the basics of using AMOS in simple and complex applications. The seminar remains flexible to address questions and comments from the audience. Facilitators: Barry Babin (Louisiana Tech University) and Nina Krey (Rowan University). 

Partial Least Squares (PLS-SEM) Workshop

Lucy Matthews (Middle Tennessee State University) will conduct a seminar on PLS-SEM, an alternative to traditional CB-SEM. The variance-based PLS method produces reliable parameter estimates with latent variables—even with small sample sizes (N = 50) and with data distributions that lack normality. As a basis of comparison, large samples of N = 200 with normal distributions for variables are generally required with traditional approaches to structural equation modeling. This session will be especially valuable to those working with survey methods or secondary data. The workshop with be “hands-on” using the SmartPLS software (provided free) and does not require an extensive background in statistics to benefit. 

Meta-Analysis Workshop

Drawing strong conclusions from any single study is tenuous as all individual studies are idiosyncratic to some degree. Meta-analysis is the single most useful tool in synthesizing research. While the concept of taking an average of a group of studies is simple, the researcher faces many decisions in trying to determine the overall effect size across a range of studies. This seminar introduces users to meta-analytic techniques and provides hands-on examples of how to conduct a straight-forward meta-analysis. In addition, we introduce moderation analysis techniques including sub-group analysis and meta-regression. We also discuss best practices and rules of thumb in carrying out the analyses and drawing conclusions. This workshop is led by Dr. Barry Babin (Louisiana Tech University) and Nina Krey (Rowan University). 


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