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Call for Nominations for SMA Positions

Dear SMA Members:

Are you interested in getting more involved in the Society for Marketing Advances? If so, we are looking for several individuals to serve on the Executive Committee and the Board of Governors. For the Executive Committee, the positions available include the 2022 President-Elect, the 2023 President-Elect, and the Secretary. For the Board of Governors, the positions available include one SMA Distinguished Fellow, one SMA Rusty Brooks Distinguished Service Award recipient, and one Member-at-Large. If you are interested in being considered for any of these positions, please email your intent with a copy of your current vita to Michael Levin at mlevin@otterbein.edu by February 20, 2021

Executive Committee Positions:

2023 and 2024 President-Elect

The role of the President-elect according to the constitution (Section 3):  The President-Elect shall, at the President’s request, act for him/her in his/her absence or disability.  The President-Elect shall be responsible for the program for the Annual Conference and may have other duties assigned him/her by the President or by this Constitution hereafter.  The President-Elect is responsible for assisting the Executive Director to solicit sponsors for the Association.

More specific duties include:

Minimum Requirements for Position: Must be an active SMA Member and must have served three years on the SMA Executive Committee by the time they serve as President-Elect. The 2023 President-Elect position begins at the 2022 SMA Conference while the 2024 President-Elect position begins at the 2023 Conference.
Responsibilities of Position:

  • Selects individuals to chair research tracks, event tracks, and competitions for the annual conference and creates the Call for Papers
  • Works with the Proceedings Editor to ensure a quality conference proceedings
  • Ensures an effective process of generating, evaluating and accepting/rejecting conference submissions
  • Develops the conference program
  • Coordinates all room assignments and catering requests with the Executive Director
  • Develops the presentation and associated visuals for the annual luncheon
  • Provides a report on the conference for the annual business meeting
  • Delivers files and information related to the conference to the following year's President Elect and Program Chair
  • Attends all SMA functions during the annual conference
  • Serves on the Board of Governors for a 5-year period (President-Elect, President, and 3 years as Past President)


The role of Treasurer according to the constitution (Section 5): The Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of the Association.  The Treasurer shall maintain an official membership list and membership records, prepare a budget, issue checks, collect dues and other receipts, keep complete and accurate books of account showing all receipts and disbursements, prepare treasurer’s reports, and perform such other duties as may pertain to his/her office. The Treasurer of the Association shall be bonded in sufficient and adequate amount for the protection of the Association. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of equipment owned by the Association. In the event the Treasurer is unable to house the Association's equipment, he/she may seek out alternative arrangements.  The Treasurer is responsible for the inventory of the Association's SMA Proceedings and the sale of same. 

More specific information for the Treasurer position include:

  • Report to the membership on the financial condition of SMA at the annual meeting 
  • Maintain tax exempt status for each conference location
  • Assist members with registration, when needed. 
  • Position is a two-year term

Board of Governors Positions:


The Board of Governors (BoG) is charged with advising the Association's Executive Committee on various matters such as (but not limited to): (1) strategic initiatives regarding the Association's programming, membership, alliances with other organizations (both academic and non-academic); (2) fundraising possibilities; and (3) any other roles that impact the strategic functioning, presence, reach, reputation, and influence of the Association. As part of the BoG, the member must remain an active SMA member, participate in the Board of Governors meeting held at the conference, and participate in ad hoc committees as needed throughout the year.

SMA Distinguished Fellow [three-year term]:

  • Minimum Requirements: Must be an active SMA Member and a SMA Distinguished Fellow
SMA Rusty Brooks Distinguished Service Award Recipient [three-year term]:
  • Minimum Requirements: Must be an active SMA Member and an SMA Fellow and a Rusty Brooks Service Award winner.

SMA Member-At-Large [three-year term]:

  • Minimum Requirements: Must be an active SMA Member

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