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Doctoral Dissertation Competition

Winners and Runners-Up





 2021 Services Award
Rumela Sengupta
 University of Alabama
  WinnerYoungtak Kim
  Runner-UpSeoyoung Kim
 Alicia Johnson
 University of Arkansas
  Runner-Up Karen Anne Wallach
 Emory University
Yi Peng
University of Alabama

 2017   Winner M. Eda Anlamlier University of Illinois at Chicago
    Runner-Up Kiran Pedada Texas Tech University
    Services Marketing Silvia Van Riper University of Arizona
    Retailing Mirja Bues University of Muenster
 2016   Winner Mansur Khamitov University of Western Ontario
    Runner-Up Amalesh Sharma Georgia State University
    Services Marketing Chutinida Phalusuk Newcastle University Business School
 2015   Winner Max Phillip Backhaus University of Cologne
    Runner-Up Wyatt Schrock Michigan State University
    Retailing Jacob Suher University of Texas at Austin
    Services Marketing Julija Dzenkovska Newcastle University Business School
2014   Winner Lura Forcum Indiana University
    Runner-Up Deidre L. Popovich Emory University
    Services Marketing Jessie J. Wang Indiana University
2013   Winner Laurel Aynne Cook University of Arkansas
    Runner-Up Courtney Szocs University of South Florida
    Retailing Kyung-Ah Byun Texas Tech University
    Services Marketing Tobias Kraemer EBS University, Germany
    Logistics & Supply Chain Management Michael Obal Temple University
2012   Winner Meike Eilert University of South Carolina
    Runner-Ups Haiyang Yang INSEAD Singapore
    Hristina Dzhogleva University of Pittsburg
  Retailing Helena Allman University of South Carolina
  Services Marketing Carol Azab University of Southern Illinois
  Logistics & Supply Chain Management Ruediger Klein International Graduate School Zittau
2011 Winner Mantian (Mandy) Hu New York University
  Runner-Up Yuna Kim Indiana University
  Retailing Stephanie Gillison The University of Alabama
  Services Marketing Mantian (Mandy) Hu New York University
  Logistics & Supply Chain Management Sergey Ponomarov University of Tennessee
2010 Winner Keisha Cutright Duke University
  Runner-Up Jong Min-Kim Yale University
  Retailing Kelly Brooke Herd University of Colorado Boulder
2009 Winner Lauren Isabelle Labrecque University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  Runner-Up Scott B. Friend Georgia State University
  Retailing Jeonghye Choi University of Pennsylvania
2008 Winner Burak Ertimur University of California - Irvine
  Runner-Up Nancy V. Wunderlich TUM Business School
  Retailing Yanilu Huang University of Pennsylvania
2007 Winner Pelin Bicen Texas Tech University
  Runner-Ups Jodie L. Ferguson Georgia State University
    Lilly Ye University of North Texas
2006 Winner Mavis Adjei Southern Illinois University
  Runner-Up Michelle Beauchamp Mississippi State University
2005 Winner Elten Briggs University of Oklahoma
2004 Winners Lan Luo University of Maryland
    Philip Shum University of Melbourne
    Michal Herzenstein University of Rochester
    Nacef Mouri University of Central Florida
2003 Winners Dispaya Biswas University of California - Irvine
    Young-Tae Choi Texas A&M University
    Neel Das Louisiana State University
    Constance Elise Porter Georgia State University
2002 Winner Susan L. Golicic University of Tennessee
2001 Winner Katherine E. Harris Georgia State University
2000 Winner Nicole Hoffman The University of Alabama
1999 Winners Velitchka Kaltcheva University of Florida
    Barbara Frazier Michigan State University
    Sukekyu Lee University of Southern California
    Guangping (Walter) Wang Louisiana State University
1997 Winner David M. Hardesty University of South Carolina
1996 Winner Robert L. Underwood Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
1989 Winner Elise (Pookie) Truly Sautter Florida State University


If you were a finalist or winner and are NOT recognized on this page, please contact Greg Martin at marting1@nku.edu. Please include your degree granting institution, year that you entered the competition, and whether you were the winner or a finalist.

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