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The SMA Doctoral Consortium is a two-day program that will be held on Wednesday and Thursday of conference week at the SMA Annual Conference.

Doctoral Consortium Fellows (participants) experience unique learning and networking opportunities designed to help future marketing academicians succeed. Doctoral Consortium Fellows work together with top marketing scholars in professional development and career planning sessions that incorporate research, teaching, and service.

Doctoral students attending the consortium come from leading universities across the United States and abroad. The success of the program is evident by the number of Doctoral Consortium Fellows that return year after year to offer insight and advice to new Fellows. The Doctoral Consortium is in keeping with SMA tradition, offering the attention, hospitality, and warmth that typify our organization.

The registration cost of the Doctoral Consortium is $275 ($325 if paid after October 1), which includes consortium registration, all meals during the consortium, conference attendance, and access to SMA Academic Placement Services.

In order to be considered as a SMA Doctoral Consortium Fellow, students first must be nominated by one of their university’s doctoral faculty members. Third and fourth year students will benefit most from participation. Generally, there is a limit of one student per school.  Nominations must be sent directly via email to the consortium chairs listed below.  Once a nominee is confirmed as eligible, the next step is for the student to complete the registration form and pay the registration fee (payable to the Society for Marketing Advances). The form provides directions for payment.



  1. Although 2nd-year students are welcome to join the Doctoral Consortium, the program is most beneficial to 3rd year and 4th-year students. No more than 36 students will be accepted for any one year.
  2. Students wishing to participate in the SMA Doctoral Consortium must make a commitment to be an active participant in  the program. Students are required to:
    • Arrive In Time, and therefore ready for the start of the program the next day.
    • Be There: Attend all Doctoral Consortium events, including off-site activities; be on time to events; do not leave early; do not leave sessions to attend to personal matters.
    • Be Respectful: Be kind and courteous to fellow students, faculty, and hotel staff.
    • Participants are required to sign a Student Agreement acknowledging and agreeing to abide by guidelines for the Doctoral Consortium.
    3. Student must be nominated by their university. Any full-time doctoral members of the student's faculty may nominate a  potential candidate. A letter of nomination should be sent to the Doctoral Consortium Chairs by September 1st.

    4. Doctoral Consortium Chair will notify the nominating faculty and the student of his/her acceptance to the program.


    1. Once accepted to the Doctoral Consortium, students must register for the program by completing the Doctoral Consortium Registration Form.

    2. Registration fee is $275 ($325 if paid after October 1). Registration fees are non-refundable.

    3. Registration to the SMA Doctoral Consortium includes the following:

    • All Doctoral Consortium sessions, presentations, and events
    • Breakfast and Lunch during the Doctoral Consortium
    • Registration to the SMA Annual Conference, including presentation sessions, SMA
    • Welcome Reception, SMA Awards Luncheon, and SMA President's Reception, SMA membership, and access to SMA Academic Placement Services.



    How will I know what to do and where to go?

    The Doctoral Consortium Chair will notify you by email prior to the beginning of the Doctoral Consortium with details.

    Do I need a computer?

    No. All materials and equipment are provided by SMA.

    How do I register for the SMA Conference?

    You do not need to register for the conference. That will done for you when you register for Doctoral Consortium. Your name badge and other conference materials will be delivered to you on the first day of the Doctoral Consortium.

    Do I need to make my own hotel reservation?

    Yes. Students are responsible for securing their own lodging.

    Can I attend only one day of the Doctoral Consortium?


    If I am presenting a paper at the SMA Conference, will that conflict with the Doctoral Consortium?

    No. Papers being presented by Doctoral Consortium participants will be scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

    For more information, please contact the following Doctoral Consortium Chairs:

    Elten Briggs

    University of Texas Arlington

    Brian Rutherford

    Kennesaw State University

    Kevin Shanahan

    Mississippi State University

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