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Distinguished Fellows

The Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) in 1979 established the honorary designation of "SMA Fellow." The intent of this designation is to recognize a very limited number of scholars in light of their exemplary service to the Society and their significant scholarly contributions to the advancement of marketing thought over a sustained period of time. By later action of the Board of Governors (BOG), the designation title changed from “SMA Fellow” to “SMA Distinguished Fellow,” with all prior recipients automatically converted to the new designation. SMA Distinguished Fellow designees will be members in good standing of the SMA. Selection is based on the recommendation of an SMA Distinguished Fellows Nominating Committee and subsequent affirmation by the SMA BOG.

The Society for Marketing Advances has recognized these distinguished individuals for their meritorious contributions to the Society and to the marketing discipline:

  • Pia A Albinsson, 2021, Appalachian State University
  • Diane R. Edmondson, 2020, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Kevin J. Shanahan, 2020, Mississippi State University
  • Christopher D. Hopkins, 2019, Auburn University
  • Michael Solomon, 2017, Saint Joseph's University
  • Sharon E. Beatty, 2014, The University of Alabama
  • Alvin J. Williams, 2009, University of South Alabama
  • Denise T. Smart, 2007, Texas State University-San Marcos
  • Greg W. Marshall, 2005, Rollins College
  • Jean-Charles Chebat, 2003, HEC-Montreal
  • Barry J. Babin, 2002, University of Southern Mississippi
  • William C. Moncrief, 2002, Texas Christian University
  • David J. Ortinau, 2001, University of South Florida
  • Ronald D. Taylor, 2001, Mississippi State University
  • Michel Laroche, 2000, Concordia University
  • William J. Kehoe, 1998, University of Virginia
  • Robert A. Robicheaux, 1997, University of Alabama
  • O.C. Ferrell, 1996, University of Memphis
  • Donald P. Robin, 1995, University of Southern Mississippi

  • Linda E. Swayne, 1995, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
  • Arch Woodside, 1994, Tulane University
  • Charles S. "Stan" Madden, 1993, Baylor University
  • Ronald F. Bush, 1993, University of West Florida
  • William M. Pride, 1991, Texas A&M University
  • Joseph F. Hair, Jr., 1990, Louisiana State University
  • William D. Perreault, Jr., 1989, University of North Carolina
  • Wiiliam R. Darden, 1989, Louisiana State University
  • William O. Bearden, 1988, University of South Carolina
  • Fred D. Reynolds, 1987, Posthumously
  • Morris L. Mayer, 1986, University of Alabama
  • J. Barry Mason, 1984, University of Alabama
  • Edward W. Cundiff, 1980, University of Texas at Austin

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